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How a Membership Management System Can Improve Client Retention

In the face of innovation, client satisfaction surpasses services and prices as a primary differentiator. Maximizing client satisfaction is crucial to gain a competitive advantage as it determines customer retention and business stability. Digital trends reported that most businesses are shifting focus toward enhancing customer loyalty, retention, and engagement. 

According to Harvard Business School research, client retention will always be more profitable than client acquisition. If you improve your client retention by 5%, you can increase your profitability by 25% to 95%. The challenge is how to turn those walk-ins and sales into repeat bookings. 

The answer: membership management software. 

Membership management software is key for every business to build long-term customer relationships. Always on Time ( is a powerful all-in-one online appointment scheduling software that offers a unique membership management system for client scheduling, automated messages, payment processing, attendance tracking, staff payroll, and advance reporting. AOT has assembled a list of actionable strategies to help your membership organization navigate these challenges and drive client retention.

Customer Retention Blueprint

Client retention begins at the forefront of your business. If your business aims to attract anyone who will give you profits, you will likely have a much higher churn rate. However, digital customer interactions have changed forever throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and since the Spring of 2020. Many tools and adaptations have proven convenient, efficient, and customer-friendly ways of doing business. 

AOT can improve client retention by making everything convenient. AOT can help you manage most administrative, sales, and marketing tasks so you can focus on your service priorities. AOT also enables you to reduce back-and-forth emails, eliminating the need to spend hours calling clients and minimizing missed appointments. 

Here are the main ways that an integrated membership management system can make your customer retention efforts successful.

Simplify your onboarding and renewal process

AOT makes onboarding simple and offers scalable auto-renewal options within your membership scheme to ensure you have a strong client retention program. One-time membership packages and recurring subscriptions are standard features of AOT. It can be redeemed in multiple ways, including service-based, amount-based, and time-based. This will allow your business to grow memberships and subscriptions, retain and engage its members, manage membership workflows, and market and organize events from a single solution. AOT ecosystem can streamline your membership process from managing to onboarding customers and collecting payments to facilitating successful events.

Let your customers preschedule appointments and choose between virtual and physical interactions

Providing your customers with the option to preschedule appointments offers convenience and responsiveness. This is the main factor driving your ROI business, especially in client-facing industries and services. Whether you conduct in-person or virtual appointments, AOT will provide ease of use and convenience. Services offered are quickly booked and easy to join from wherever they are. It eliminates the back-and-forth of booking an appointment and selecting a service and time suitable to their needs. Most importantly, prescheduling an appointment allows customers to avoid large crowds and get a more relaxed and personalized experience. 

Manage in-store and virtual locations more efficiently

Membership management systems aren’t just for customers. Business owners, staff, and in-store employees can benefit from these by simply controlling the volume of visitors and ensuring staff levels match the customer demand. Offering a video-based customer service option allows efficiency, flexibility, and productivity. Video conferences can be taken anywhere, allowing more meetings to be scheduled in a shorter time. AOT provides a custom, branded progressive web app for your customers accessible on their mobile phones – there is no need to visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download it. Set up your AOT booking page to continue rewarding and incentivizing your already dedicated and current customer base. This will increase your membership retention and improve the number of customers who will sign up for your services. 

Drive smarter, more accurate reporting tools and advanced analytics

Manage your customer community, recruit from multiple channels, and analyze bookings, appointments, and staff performance all in one integrated platform. AOT provides contextualized reports dashboard, such as bookings, client, membership, sales and commission, and staff payroll reports. These reports can help businesses quickly spot trends, identify gaps, and share essential Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and staff efficiency in real-time. In addition, it can help visualize end-to-end journey performance to quickly identify opportunities to improve client retention and know who your target member is. This is a key to any good membership retention strategy. Knowing who you’re speaking to, who your services are catered to, and more. 

Expand and Strengthen Relationships with your Customers

Scheduling saves the customer time. When you integrate online scheduling software with a built-in membership management system like AOT, customers can use your services more quickly and efficiently. AOT’s newest feature, SMS and WhatsApp notifications can help your business deliver same-day or next-day sessions, recurring appointments, and membership updates. Powered with these strong communication tools, AOT lets small to large businesses build lasting customer relationships. Moreover, when customer integrates their calendar(s), they can conveniently make these last-minute appointments and adjustments, thus reducing no-shows. AOT can help to make your membership program management more efficient – and let you focus on showing up for your members rather than getting bogged down in administrative and time-consuming tasks.

Ready to help your customer success team increase retention with AOT?

The blueprints mentioned above are only a few available AOT customer retention contributions to a higher lifetime value and improved brand loyalty. For example, AOT scheduling automation allows your staff to focus on building long-term relationships, instead of manual and repetitive administrative tasks. By freeing up some workload on promoting ROI, growing your customer base, and upselling existing customers, your staff will deliver excellent customer service and foster a long-term value for your business.

Always on Time is a fully-featured booking and membership management solution, that helps business owners and managers save time and grow their revenue. If you would like to take AOT for a test drive (at no cost), contact our representative for a DEMO CONSULTATION or start your journey for FREE.

Rosalie Roxas
AOT Technical Writer

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