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Boost Holiday Coupon & Gift Card Sales this Holiday Season

Triple your Holiday Sales with Custom Coupons and eGift Cards from AOT

The 2022 holiday season is here, and consumers are gearing up for another spending spree and late purchases. With 50% of annual sales happening around the holiday season and the increasing demand for virtual gift-giving, making this option available for your customers is an opportunity not to be missed. There’s no better time than the holidays to lean into this program and celebrate the season with your customers. This is the best time of the year to show your customer appreciation with loyalty programs and wow them with your exclusive products and services. 

Here are some strategic ways to increase your coupon and gift card sales this holiday season. 

Introduce a Seamless Purchasing Experience

Businesses should design their booking page and e-commerce website to be user-friendly for customers who want to purchase and redeem gift cards and coupons. These items should always be visible whether the customer uses a desktop or mobile site. Since gift cards make excellent stocking stuffers and solid gift choices for the workplace. Customers should be able to easily find them on your booking page and website and add them to their online carts. 

Include Personalized Coupons & Gift Cards Messaging in your Marketing & Branding Efforts 

Marketing emails and SMS notifications should tout the ability to avail of coupons and purchase gift cards. When creating events and holiday marketing sequences, ensure to include coupon and gift-card-related information and highlight the benefits of using them in their services and membership—especially these holidays and upcoming events when transaction frequency is the highest. 

Partner Coupons and Gift Cards into a Promotion

Creating timely promotions to introduce coupon and gift card sales is a win-win strategy for businesses of all types. Offer complimentary items for customers who spend a certain dollar on your services. Businesses should consider offering promotions that apply exclusively to purchases made with coupons and gift cards. This kind of marketing and branding promotion will drive up the overall spending per customer while giving them the incentive to return after the holidays. 

Reward Existing Customers Who Will Purchase Coupons and Gift Cards  

By rewarding customers who will avail of these items, businesses can give those customers a reason to buy from them and not their competitors consistently. Customers can receive a coupon for a discount on their next purchase or added points to their loyalty membership. Offering a cashback on each gift card and coupon is a great way to incentivize your existing and prospective customers. Adding a sense of urgency to these offers is recommended by only making them available over the holidays. 

Seek Out Third-Party Partners and Make It Fun  

Everyone gets excited about freebies. So run a contest on social media and give away coupons and gift cards. This will generate social shares, comments, and equal demand for your coupon and gift card program. Partnered with various distributors and simultaneously took advantage of any programs they may offer. This makes everyone’s holiday a little bit brighter!

How AOT can help? 

Let’s keep it simple. No subscription, redemption fee, or additional tools are needed to run coupons or gift cards with Always on Time ( You can sell, redeem, track and reload them without any other software. It is all integrated into your point-of-sale and booking system. 

The coupon and gift card features are available on our platform with our free and paid tiers. Whether you prefer simple digital eGift cards or coupons, AOT has you covered!

Maximize your opportunity for a successful holiday season!

Rosalie Roxas
AOT Writer

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