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A solution built by actual small business owners

When we started building a customized scheduling solution for our small business over 5 years ago, we had no idea that our modest project would enable our business to grow tenfold in just a few years.

We didn’t know it, but we had already started building AOT.

We’ve now rebuilt AOT from scratch with small businesses just like ours in mind, and opened it up to the world. You can now also have access to the system that allowed our small business to grow exponentially.

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Built by experts, for experts

Like many of you who are reading our story, we run a small business, and are always on the lookout for the best and most effective software to enable us to save time and grow our business. We tried nearly every online appointment scheduling software on the market, but despite our exhaustive search, nothing on the market fit both our business model and our budget.

Market-ready scheduling solutions either lacked the features we needed (including being in our native language), or they were too complicated and hard to use.

We ended up building a custom solution, but it was expensive, and a nightmare to maintain. We spoke to other business owners who were also experiencing the same problem. That’s when we knew that we weren’t alone.

8 Months &

4 Days Later

led to the creation of Always On Time, a powerful and customizable online appointment scheduling and membership management software that offers an all-inclusive suite of features, including online appointment booking, group classes, membership management, payroll reports, and much more. AOT helped us streamline our business and build our franchise.

AOT was the key ingedient to exponentially grow our small business. We’re confident it can do the same for yours.


Why we exist

At AOT, our missing is to transform and digitize small businesses with an innovative, powerful, and affordable online appointment scheduling, class management, and membership management system.

We believe that even small businesses should still be to use industry-leading software to support their business and enable them to grow.

That’s why we built AOT to be the very best in terms of features, price, and performance – so your business can now also have access to features that were previously only available to the privileged few.


We work together as a seamless remote team

AOT is a fully remote team – but we work together every day as one.

Being remote allows us to control costs, while also increasing morale. Our team has the benefit of increased flexibility and work-life balance, while regular meetings and team building events (as well as our online collaboration tools) keep us connected, building, and laughing together.

If you’re interested in working in an exciting and fast-paced environment, drop us a line here. We’d love to hear from you!

We are driven by our values

Our core values focus on developing high-quality software solutions that are human-centered and helping our clients find cost-effective solutions to their business problems.


Help our customers by adding the small details and finishing touches that set Always On Time apart from the crowd

Genuine and Helpful

We do the little things that help our customers be on time and run their business better


Take a detailed, structured, and reasoned approach to everything we do

Simple and Intuitive

Our software must be simple enough to be used intuitively by our users

Technology and integrations we use

Connect your tools, connect your business. At AOT we are constantly expanding to our directory of integrated apps so you can enable your technology to work for you, not the other way around.

Grow your business and get more done in less time

Always On Time is a customizable, integrated appointment scheduling, membership, and business management platform that offers an all-inclusive suite of capabilities to help jumpstart your business.

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Learn more at the AOT blog

Always On Time (AOT) is a booking and membership management platform that serves SMEs, freelancers and professional service businesses.

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Learn more at the AOT blog
Copyright © 2023 Always On Time. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2023 Always On Time. All Rights Reserved.

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