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Why You Need an Online Appointment Scheduling App for Your Yoga Business

If you own a business that offers services through bookings or appointments such as Yoga Classes, chances are you’re spread too thin just to keep things running on a daily basis. From admin tasks to sales to providing services, you may be just one person taking on the job of an entire team. 

This is where a yoga scheduling app comes in — small business tools such as an online scheduling app are designed to make your life easier as a small business owner. It helps you easily and effectively run and grow your business through a centralized and automated appointment scheduling system

Here’s a thorough list of ways a yoga scheduling app could become key in growing your small business.

Empower your customers by offering self-service options

Nowadays, customers prefer quick and easy self-service. Self-service is becoming the consumers’ first choice when it comes to interacting with businesses. According to a 2013 global market study led by Steven Van Belleghem among 2,750 customers from Singapore, the United States, China, and select countries in Europe, 70% of the consumers in the study expected businesses to include a self-service application on their websites. 

That number was in 2013—imagine how much that number has risen almost a decade later today when more and more consumers are proving to have the need for speed in customer service. 

Don’t get left behind.

One of the best tips for small business owners to ensure long-term growth is to keep up with the market and consumer trends. In this case, the best way for you to empower your customers is to give them full control of the appointment booking process when interacting with your business. Scheduling software that runs 24/7 lets them do just that. Your customers can book, update, and manage their appointments on their own time and terms as well as receive automated reminders and notices of their appointments. 

Automate and streamline your business operations

Manual work may be costing your yoga studio more money and other resources than you think you’re saving. Doing things by hand is prone to human errors. More manual work means more chances of errors which takes up more of your time and energy spent putting out fires. There’s always going to be a mismatched booking date and time, a long list of messages, emails, or customer calls you or your staff has to make, one by one. 

Ditch the paper, pen, and all the manual work of updating your entries in log books or in Excel. A good online appointment scheduling solution does all the work for you, including accepting and updating bookings, automating administrative tasks, managing your staff’s availability, selling your services, and more.

Using a yoga scheduling app also lessens the risk of overbooking and having to cancel on your customers as you can set up your customer bookings based on your staff’s availability, which updates in real-time.

Empower your staff; improve service quality

Empowered staff are sure to have increased productivity and enthusiasm for their work, improving the quality of service they provide to your customers. 

With an automated online appointment scheduling system, you and your staff will spend less time on the tedious tasks of setting up and managing appointments. An online appointment scheduling software streamlines the process of assigning your staff to appointment bookings as appointments are automatically synced to your staff’s calendars. They will receive automated updates of the customer’s activities on their booked appointments, allowing them to be fully in-the-loop of the appointments they are booked for.

When your staff is less utilized in doing admin tasks, they can focus on their main role: serving your customers. They can properly prepare for upcoming appointments and be more empowered in delivering services of high quality and engagement to your customers.

Keep your business running 24/7 without you

You can’t always be at the helm 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Family emergencies? Urgent personal errands? Or just desperately need to take a break? 

With an online appointment scheduling app, you can confidently step out of your business for a few hours or days and come back to efficiently sorted bookings and an undisrupted flow of sales and profits.

Empower yourself to grow your business.

Now, you may be thinking, “Why would I need to get an appointment scheduling app for my yoga business? I can do all these by hand on my own. It doesn’t cost me anything!” 

True, but, when you stop and think about it, does manual work really cost you nothing? Your time and energy are as valuable as money—one can argue they’re even more valuable in growing small businesses. If you’re spending your time mainly doing admin work and putting out fires caused by errors in manual operations, you’re putting yourself at risk of burnout. 

An online appointment scheduling app automates and streamlines your business operations 24/7. 

As your business becomes more streamlined, you become more available and empowered to grow your business, brainstorming ideas, following up on leads, and pursuing opportunities for expansion and higher profit margins. 

Level up your business with

In conclusion, an online appointment scheduling system improves your customer experience with your business as well as optimizes business operations, and drives sales and profits. It is a wise investment and a key step in how to grow a small business. 

Interested in ticking off all these opportunities for you and your business? Register for a free account in Always on Time ( AOT is a top-notch all-in-one online appointment and class booking system for small businesses. AOT comes in multiple subscription plans that give you access to a wide array of features that can help you run your business beyond just scheduling appointments, such as managing your packages and subscriptions, or keeping track of staff payroll. AOT enables you to empower your customers and your staff, streamline your operations, and grow your business to a wider scale. Give us a try today!

Richale Cabauatan
AOT Technical Writer

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