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Google Calendar Integration for Online Appointment Scheduling

Whether you own a small business with one location, or operate your business across multiple locations, having more than one calendar with different bookings for each location is a sure path to double-booking yourself.

With the AOT and Google Calendar integration, tenants can offer group classes and class series on autopilot, without worrying about conflicts. Rather than duplicating bookings across platforms, you can build a simplified workflow and get notified on Google Calendar for upcoming appointments and classes with this new integration.

Read this article to learn how to update all bookings in AOT, integrate them with your Google Calendar, and transform your calendar into an all-in-one digital planner. 

Always on Time Dashboard

How to Set up the Google Calendar Integration

Get the most out of AOT by syncing it with your Google calendar. This helps you, your staff, and customers stay up-to-date with all activities scheduled!

  1. Open and sign in with your AOT account.
Log in to your AOT account

2. Navigate and click on Integrations in your bottom-left column.

AOT integrations

3. On the Integration page, go to Google Calendar and click View Staff.

AOT Google Calendar

4. On the Staff page, click Connect Calendar. Please note that you can only connect your own Google Calendar and log in as the user to integrate your AOT Calendar and Google Calendar.

Connect Calendar

5. Sign in with your Gmail Account to Integrate your Google Calendar.

6. Review the terms of service and click Continue to allow access to your AOT calendar.

Google Account Access

7. AOT Calendar is now successfully integrated with your Google Calendar. This will allow you to add, review and edit new and existing appointments and classes in sync with your Google Calendar.

Successfully linked Google Calendar


  • When Google Calendar is successfully integrated with AOT, existing appointments from up to a week ago will be synchronized to your Google Calendar. 
  • If your Google Calendar is disconnected from AOT, the unsyncing process will take up to 20 minutes to complete. This action will remove all AOT appointments sent to your Google Calendar.

Appointment Scheduling Features

With your AOT subscription you will enjoy seamless scheduling and business management features, designed to help you grow business and book more appointments.

  • Streamlined Service Planning: Automatically review and edit appointments with staff, location, and time updates and make it visible on your Google Calendar. 
  • Task Scheduling: Keep your appointments and classes all in one place, so you don’t have to switch between apps. 
  • Booking Reminders: Tenants and staff will be kept up to date on any changes to their bookings, group classes, or class series.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annual Agendas: See and track your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales to better plan your services and staff man-hours.


  • Basic: Free
  • Single Studio (For small businesses with one or two locations): $49/month
  • Multi-location Business (For a growing business with multiple locations): $89/month

Google Calendar Integration: Final Thoughts

The Google calendar integration will improve communications with your customers and help them clearly visualize schedules. Allowing you and your staff to feel relaxed and confident that your service plans are in order.

Visit and integrate your Google Calendar in less than 2 minutes. AOT comes with both Free and Paid plans and is a simple-to-use online appointment scheduling, digital planner, online booking, and membership management solution. 

Rosalie Roxas
AOT Technical Writer

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