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6 Reasons to Get Fitness Management and Scheduling Software

Starting a new fitness-related business? Always On Time helps small to medium-sized businesses run and adapt to changing situations. This article is for fitness entrepreneurs who want to escape the traditional pen-and-paper, spreadsheets, no-shows, and last-minute bookings.

According to Business News Daily, every business has specific software needs. And off-the-shelf software can’t provide them all. AOT provides uniquely tailored features and functions and an All-in-One solution for every business need.

Know your business needs

Starting a business is only part of the journey. How do you manage scheduling and members as your business begins to grow? Here are the most important scheduling needs most fitness studios have to solve as they grow.

  • Scheduling, Booking, and Registration
  • Membership Management
  • Staff Management
  • Integrated Payments
  • Enhance the End-user Experience or Flexibility

Investing in a custom software solution optimizes your internal processes and improves customer satisfaction by doing the heavy lifting on this list so you can focus on other business activities.

Concerns for business starters

You have enough to worry about when it comes to starting and running a successful fitness business. Imagine the time you could save if you eliminated these unproductive tasks.

  • Worries about the extra workload
  • Worries about pricing
  • Not comfortable with apps and websites
  • Unsure about using the platform
  • Uncertain if their customers will enjoy using it
  • Traumatized with the previous software they had

The days of manual scheduling are gone. AOT can help you manage your time, maximize productivity, and generate more revenue with automated appointment scheduling tools.

Why does your business need quality software?

Changes in business technology and consumer behavior have changed the way small businesses run.  There has been a rapid increase in the adoption of smartphones and updates around how consumers behave across different sectors.

Here are a few signs you should consider when investing in quality software for your fitness business.

  1. Overwhelmed with your notebook or paper calendar

Tired of turning pages from your log book and shuffling up and down with your paper calendar? This process is slow and error-prone. You and your staff are wasting a lot of time with manual appointment booking. Your business, your people, and your customers deserve better.

  1. Spending hours calling clients

Getting calls now and then is annoying. How much more from your service agents who can’t reach a single customer for almost an hour? Studies have shown that customers prefer SMS and emails instead of answering phone calls. Why settle for less when you can automate your bookings and memberships?

  1. Replace the receptionist

As a small business, your receptionist plays an important role in booking appointments. But it’s expensive to hire for this role and they can make mistakes. Do you need a receptionist for scheduling? You can avoid these mistakes and extra costs with an online scheduling calendar.

  1. Employees and customers are disappearing

Ever wondered why your employees and loyal customers are disappearing? Online scheduling and membership management could win them back. This software helps you engage with both customers and employees by centralizing client information, contact flows, and appointments. Your staff deserves flexible availability and commissions, while your customers deserve loyalty rewards and a better experience.

  1. No shows, no shows, no shows!

Ever experienced customers not showing up to their scheduled appointments? Automated notifications can help remind your customers of upcoming appointments and greatly reduces the percentage of no-shows that fitness studios experience.

  1. Multiple re-scheduling and cancellations

Customers are rescheduling or canceling their bookings, and you need to do the entire process repeatedly. That is ineffective for your business and overwhelming for your employees. A scheduling tool helps you track everything, from scheduling staff to booking appointments, measuring progress, and managing the workforce. Having an ALL-in-One Scheduling Software puts everything at your fingertips.

Parting Thoughts

Now that we have showcased to you the importance of online appointment scheduling software, what are you waiting for? 

Choose an online fitness scheduling software that can handle all mundane tasks. Simplify your daily operations, accept payments, reduce no-shows, and manage staff and client databases.

AOT is a ONE-STOP solution for all your fitness business needs. We offer a better appointment management system that is guaranteed to save hours of work. Try first our FREE Basic Plan and experience a streamlined process and enhance business productivity. 

Marimar dela Torre
AOT Customer Success Executive

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