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Tips to Attract and Retain Fitness Customers in 2023

Strategies to Retain and Gain New Members in 2023

When it comes to the fitness experience, elevating customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. But in reality, this is far more complex than it sounds. Fitness owners are faced with figuring out how to put customers first while juggling operational challenges, labor shortages, and budget. 

While the new year is fast approaching, you need to prepare for the revamp of your fitness brand marketing to take advantage of the renewed focus on fitness. So, with good things on the horizon, what can you do to augment the good luck coming to your business this 2023? This is a guide if you are a fitness owner looking for ways to improve service and want optimal customer satisfaction. 

Optimize your Booking Experience

Booking page has always been important for fitness businesses for myriad reasons. We don’t just visit websites and social media pages to get more information. We now use them to make appointments, subscribe to membership and avail coupons and gift cards. Most of the time, we even visit a business blog to gauge how competitive they are with their services. 

To optimize your website and social media pages, integrate a booking page to make it as effective in its various roles as possible. Ensure that you give each visitor on your booking page a personalized and optimized experience on-site. This will surely increase the credibility of your business and improve customer engagement. 

Personalized your Customer Fitness Experience

It is important to treat each customer as a human, not just a number on your financial sheet. If they get the sense you are just making a profit and do not care about their well-being, they may lose respect for your gym. Take time to gather as much information as possible from members and use them to communicate with them. For instance, integrate intake forms to screen customers upon booking or send them emails and sms notifications on new events or their upcoming booking appointments. Integrating these features can give your business an 8x improvement in click-through rates. You could have existing customers wanting to upgrade their membership or subscribe to your fitness services. 

Introducing a Referral Program

Branding and marketing for fitness centers is all about connecting with the community. With a good referral program, your business can quickly turn your top customers into genuine brand ambassadors who can act as lead generators. The most strategic referrals, naturally, are endorsements from friends, colleagues, and staff your prospects know and trust. Ensure that you have a booking page with detailed information about discounts, bonuses, coupons, and gift cards in return for the referral of new customers. The essential part of your referral program is ensuring that the process is easy for your members and staff. Give them a card with a QR Code, for example. 

Partner with Micro-Influencers

Collaborate with micro-influencers to help boost your social media following by anywhere from 10,000 – 50,000 social media followers. They can become integral players in franchising when it comes to local marketing. Most people trust influencers more than celebrities because of their sincere attitude. Partner with micro-influencers in plenty of creative ways to bolster local awareness and drive sales. You can ask them to offer free products, services, classes, or visits to your gym. Host a giveaway and invite them to exclusive events. If they post something about your fitness studio or the services, the next day, it will be on the lips of most of your contacts on social media. It’s a game of followers; if you get more followers, you are a rockstar. 

The Bottom Line

You can hire the best knowledgeable staff and have the cleanest facility and bonded gym community, but without the right software, something will be missing. Always on Time ( is your powerful fitness management software for retaining members and increasing your chances of more appointments booked and membership sign-ups. AOT increases retention by keeping things simple and easy for your members and staff. They can track their workout schedules, communicate with trainers, join community groups, and more on its user-friendly booking page. Administrators can easily moderate paperwork, billings, and scheduling.

Grow and manage your fitness business with AOT!

Rosalie Roxas
AOT Writer

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