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How a Sign-In Kiosk Saved My Marriage

When my wife opened her dance studio, we had a ritual at the end of each month — we fought.  If you’d like to know why, read on.

Communication Gaps and Drama

Before the inevitable argument, we’d open the posted schedule for our studio, and count up the number of classes our teachers had taught for the month. We wrote up a summary and sent it to our teachers, and proceeded to pull our hair out as the disagreements rolled in.

It turns out, Teacher A was sick on the 15th, and passed her classes to Teacher B. Teacher B then swapped classes with Teacher C a week later.  And — well, you get the idea.

The pattern ensued, month after month, until we were ready to check ourselves into the insane asylum and throw away the key.

While this monthly cycle of drama added excitement to our lives, it wasn’t the kind of excitement we needed! What we really needed was a solution, so we could focus on running our business.

So we built the Sign-In Kiosk, which allows us to examine and trust our data each month — and the angels sang.

What makes the AOT Sign-In Kiosk so unique?

Most sign-in kiosks focus on one thing — the students.  That’s great for ensuring that your students arrive at their classes, but it doesn’t help much when it comes to keeping track of teachers, and their constantly shifting schedules.  Our kiosk works because it tracks both teacher as well as student attendance — reducing human error and eliminating drama.

Ending thoughts on our Sign-In Kiosk

The AOT Sign-In Kiosk, created based on our own real-life home-grown solution, was designed based on a real and genuine business struggle.  Our solutions offer effective time management, decreased human errors, and smart reporting.

At AOT, we provide you with the same features that helped our own business succeed!

Try the AOT Sign-In Kiosk and more for FREE – there’s no risk or obligation, and you can cancel anytime.

AOT is the customizable online appointment scheduling and membership management software that will allow you to focus on your business.

Greg Parker

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