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Customer and Staff Self Check-In with the AOT Sign-In Kiosk

Sign-In Kiosks are used across small to large businesses and facilities to streamline and automate the check-in process. It reduces the burden of front desk staff while improving staff metrics and boosting member experience. Self-service Sign-In Kiosks are automated software that works as an alternative to the traditional manual booking and front-desk service. 

The main benefit of a self-service Sign-In Kiosk is the ability to minimize the queues at the front desk, ability to self-register without booking in advance, and increase customer attendance frequency. Appointing scheduling software with a Sign-In Kiosk feature helps boost your business productivity and manage customers on the go. Send automated reminders and emails, securely process payments, and more.

An additional benefit of the AOT Sign-In Kiosk is that it allows your staff to check in to confirm their attendance to their classes and records the staff name and check-in on the system record. When your staff has checked in, it confirms their class attendance. Updates the staff name in the system—if another service provider other than the person assigned takes over the class, and assures that the payroll report generated by the system has accurate date and can be trusted.

The Always on Time ( Sign-In Kiosk feature allows your staff and customers to bypass the front desk, check-in via the kiosk, and go straight to their classes and services. This is perfect for a business that prefers self-check-in as a convenience or a “contactless” front desk environment. This feature also enforces your payment policies (up-front, full-payment, or pay later), up-selling features, and information about the booking details. 

In this article, you will learn more about setting appointments with your customers with AOT Sign-In Kiosk.

How Does an Appointment Scheduling Software with Sign-In Kiosk Feature Work?

AOT is excited to introduce our newest feature: The AOT Sign-In Kiosk; the perfect way to streamline your instructor and customer self-service check-in attendance upon arrival! We’ve been hard at work, conceptualizing our online scheduling appointment capabilities and feature requests into one platform. Allowing you to manage less, and make the front-desk and check-in experience more enjoyable and seamless for both your staff and customers.

Benefits of a Sign-In Kiosk for your customers:

  • Fast and easy booking registration
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • The freedom of self-service
  • Allow self-registration without signing up in advance

Benefits of Sign-In Kiosk for your business and team:

  • Allow staff to check-in to their classes
  • Supports multiple business locations
  • Improved operational and staff efficiency
  • Boost your company sales
  • Allow real-time communication updates
  • Reduce labor and operating expenses
  • Increase trust and transparency of the service provider data recorded in the system
  • Efficient matching appointment requests to staff competency and availability
  • Updates instructor or service provider for a service or class on the spot if there are substitutions

Once your instructors and students arrive at your business location, they should tap on the AOT Sign-In Kiosk “Check-in” button to confirm attendance.

To learn more about the step-by-step process of launching the AOT Sign-In Kiosk, visit AOT Help Center for more details. 

What are the advantages of the AOT Sign-In Kiosk?

Schedule classes and assign instructors quickly with the AOT Sign-In Kiosk. It is a turn-key extension and alternative front-desk experience for your growing multi-location business. A Sign-In Kiosk increases productivity and revenues by streamlining the check-in process. 

Let’s look at the primary benefits of Sign-In Kiosks to determine whether they are suitable for your business.

Real-Time Staff Management: Self-service Sign-In Kiosks offer a wide variety of benefits for your business. Launching the AOT Sign-In Kiosk allows your staff to swap and pass classes to other instructors to prevent canceled appointments. It also provides real-time and updated information to instructors and students on your booking page. 

Self Check-In for Customers and Staff: No more unwanted customer lines at your front desk. Instructors and students can check themselves upon arrival. It reduces costs, improves employee satisfaction, increases the trust that the data in your system is accurate, and increases sales revenue. The AOT Sign-In Kiosk is the leading choice for businesses looking to provide an optimal self-service experience. 

Reports & Dashboard: Generate real-time performance metrics with the AOT pre-built reports and dashboards. Review business progress, including attendance reports, members by date, and inactive members. Our smart activity reports allow you to access the information you need to retain and engage members. See an eagle-eye view of the activity of your business when you access the AOT Booking Report. 

Client Relationship Management: Deliver enhanced customer service with an AOT Sign-In Kiosk. It will allow your customers to register and check in without signing up in advance. Let your customers enter all necessary data digitally, ensuring customer freedom and time-efficient service. Add a level of personalized and tailored customer experience with ease. Offer your customers a flexible check-in option and online payments – all within one software ecosystem.

More freedom and flexibility for you and your customers

Get all the benefits of a fully functional online appointment scheduling software with the AOT Sign-In Kiosk. Customers and staff will appreciate this software due to the freedom and flexibility that AOT can offer. Our cloud-based platform will provide you with the latest business intelligence and technology insights to get a 360-degree view of your entire business. Set up reminders for your staff members and make coordination easier. Furthermore, you can set up a 2-way live calendar sync with your Google Calendar and seamlessly integrate with over 5000 tools and software via Zapier.  

If you are looking for an all-in-one appointment software with a Sign-In Kiosk feature, look no further than AOT. We will take you through every step of your self-service Sign-In Kiosk in no time. REGISTER FOR A TRIAL, or sign-up for a FREE DEMO to learn more about how our software features can help you grow your business.

Rosalie Roxas
AOT Technical Writer

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