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Always on Time Earns Online Appointment Scheduling Software Reward

Always on Time has been selected as one of the best options in the market by a B2B software review platform. This designation further substantiates our position as a preferred option among businesses and consumers alike. has been granted the Top 100 Appointment Scheduling Software and Rising Star Awards by FinancesOnline, a leading software directory. This honor goes to new software products that have demonstrated outstanding performance in a short span of time.
Always on Time ( is a preferred online appointment scheduling, class booking, and membership management platform tool for small businesses, according to user feedback, social media mentions, and other data. FinanceOnline’s experts also conducted a detailed Always on Time review, concluding that it offers extensive features to help small businesses succeed and grow their revenue.

FinancesOnline praised AOT’s simple, affordable, and feature-rich scheduling solution for companies and individuals to overcome the challenges of running a service-based business. The site also commended the way AOT is built with all the crucial online scheduling and membership management capabilities you need to save time, money, and effort in managing your small business. 

Among the features, experts at FinancesOnline took special note of AOT’s appointment scheduling, group class scheduling, and class series booking capabilities. They also liked AOT’s ability to simply and quickly create membership packages and subscriptions, a custom branded app, multiple location spaces, and the digital point of sale. Plus, they highlighted additional value-add features such as AOT’s payroll and commission management, multiple language capability on both the back-end and booking page, and student sign-in kiosk.

The review mentioned how can support you no matter what type of service your business offers. Instead of solely focusing on 1:1 or group class booking, AOT provides flexibility. You can run your business and earn more revenue without compromising on your choice of appointment scheduling and membership management software.

They also mentioned that AOT’s offerings, both one-time packages, as well as recurring subscriptions, are standard features, available on all plans. You can use these offerings in different ways, including service-based, amount-based, and time-based memberships. With AOT’s subscription capabilities, you can set them up to renew automatically when the time period ends,roll over unused credits, or stop payments after a fixed period of time that you decide. Plus, AOT does not charge any additional fees or commissions for your online payments.

And with AOT’s custom, branded progressive web app for your customers, businesses can quickly set everything up and start sharing their app — it doesn’t require any downloading from the App Store or Google Play Store. It’s available at your customers’ fingertips!

Reviewers also love the platform’s built-in multi-location feature. Native multi-location lets you operate and scale your business with ease. Businesses with more than one physical location can run all of their outlets natively through a single account, and business owners with multiple rooms in their locations can offer classes and subdivide locations into spaces. A unique capacity can be configured  for each space to ensure that you are never over or underbooked. All these features are what review sites look for on their list of top appointment scheduling software today.

Thank you, FinancesOnline! We’re honored to be selected as a top online appointment scheduling software provider. At AOT, we will keep working hard to improve the product so we can help more businesses get the most value, and we won’t rest until AOT works for you! We’ll also keep providing great customer service—because we care!

To our customers, thank you for giving us a chance to prove ourselves. We’re highly grateful and promise to keep improving our online appointment scheduling, class booking, and membership management software so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Cess Lopez
AOT Manager

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