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4 Real-world Appointment Scheduling Problems that AOT Solves

When my wife and I were evaluating different appointment scheduling software solutions for our small business, we constantly ran across companies that promised a lot of fancy features, but rarely got to the core of what was truly important for our business.  We looked everywhere for a solution that understood our needs as small business owners – what we often found instead was a lot of talk and very little substance.

When push came to shove, none of the appointment scheduling solutions on the market could meet our needs, and that’s why we built AOT.

Below are some of the real world scenarios we personally faced running our small business, and how AOT can help solve them.

1. Eliminates the hassle of managing memberships by hand

Lots of companies out there today are still managing their client’s memberships, packages and class packs manually, whether it’s on paper or through a spreadsheet.  AOT provides a simple, automated, and easy to use membership management system that will transform how you run your business.

AOT takes the pain out of membership management and tracking for both packages and subscriptions, allowing you to focus on what’s important – your business.

2. Reduces no-shows by your customers

For any studio, salon, or service-based business, no-shows are a hassle.  AOT’s client booking app and system of notifications helps to reduce no-shows by ensuring customers are aware of their bookings, allowing them to cancel anytime up to the cancellation time limit, which is configurable based on your business requirements. 

The app is also easy to use, making it simple for your clients to book or reschedule as needed.  Appointment scheduling limits are also fully under your control, to ensure that clients can only cancel and rebook at times that you have configured.

3. Stay on top of your payroll by connecting scheduled classes with actual staff attendance

You may have scheduled a member of your staff to teach a class or provide a service, but were they actually there?  Wouldn’t it be great if, at the end of each month, you can simply pull a report of your staff schedule, trust the data, and be confident you are paying your employees the correct amount?  These are some of the most common problems facing small businesses when it comes to payroll.

The AOT sign-in kiosk helps to alleviate this problem by enabling your staff to personally sign-in when they arrive to perform their service or class.  The sign-in is stored in the system, and helps to provide an additional layer of security that your staff provided the service.

4. Called out by scheduling limits – a customer booked an appointment without enough advance notice

AOT provides flexible appointment scheduling limits that allow you to place rules on how clients can book your services or classes.  Scheduling limits can be applied at a global, individual service, or staff level, allowing your customers to book at the times most convenient for both of you – and helping you to avoid last minute surprises.

While these 4 scenarios are just the beginning, they represent the fundamental appointment scheduling, membership management, and class booking requirements we needed to run our business effectively.  We built AOT specifically to address these problems not just for ourselves, but for any small business looking for a fast, reliable, and effective appointment scheduling, class booking, and membership management solution.  AOT is designed for speed, security, and simplicity to meet your needs as a small business owner.  Give AOT a try today and see how we can help, register here.

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